Here are the audition details for MDMS June 2020 production of Oklahoma including the link to book your auditions. We are really excited to see the talent out there! Please email us if you have any queries.

Oklahoma Audition Bookings can be made at;


Audition dates;

Tuesday 21st January 2020 and Wednesday 22nd January 2020 at Karralyka Theatre, Mines Road Ringwood.

Dance audition by invitation only on Thursday 23rd January 2020 at Ringwood Uniting Church Hall, 30 Station Street Ringwood.

Call backs; Tuesday 28th January 2020 at Karralyka Theatre.

Everyone is required to do vocal audition. Please prepare 2 contrasting songs from musical theatre in the style of the show. Preference is for 1 ballad and 1 uptune. Suggested amount is 32 bars of music.


Cast Commitments;

Rehearsals commence first week February 2020

Monday and Thursday nights with some Sunday rehearsals (exact venues / times and dates to be confirmed)

Rehearsal weekend 18/19th April 2020 (non residential)

Production week; bump in Sunday May 31st Karralyka Theatre , Ringwood

Tech & dress rehearsals 1st June – 3rd June 2020

Performances; Thursday 4th– Sunday 7th June 2020 (5 performances)

Bump out; 7th June 2020.


Cast Expectations;

Show fees will be confirmed by audition date. (must be paid by first rehearsal)

Cast to provide own makeup, undergarments and footwear unless advised otherwise.

Full attendance at rehearsals unless prior arrangements made.

All cast to have valid Working With Children Cards.


Show Description;

The award winning first musical for the writing duo of Rodgers and Hammerstein set just after the turn of the 20th Century. The love story of Curly and Laurie amidst the sparring factions of cowboys and farmers in rural Oklahoma.


The Production Team want to bring a fresh new contemporary feel to the show so will be looking for people who are natural with good music theatre voice types to put a more modern sound into it, whilst staying true to authenticity of the show.



Laurey – Female, Soprano, (18-35)

She has an innocence and yet an air of feistiness and knowledge about her. She lives with her Aunt Eller on a ranch and is in love with Curly, though she may not admit it.


Curly – Male, Baritone, (18-35)

Has a confident swagger and deserves it, he is the most handsome man in the whole county. He is in love with Laurey, but refuses to admit it. He’s a cowboy and the romantic lead. He is called Curly for his curly hair.


 Aunt Eller – Female, mezzo, (40-60)

She acts as the town’s aunt, a fun-loving caretaker. She watches over the town and a ranch with her neice, Laurey and a hired hand, Jud. She sees the good in everyone.


Will Parker – Male, Tenor, (18-35)

Will is a cowboy who is skilled enough to compete in rodeos. Being able to do rope tricks is a plus. Will is a dance role, tap dancer preferred. He is interested in Ado Annie, but isn’t the brightest bulb.


Jud Fry – Male, Baritone, (18-40)

Described as dark and growly by others, Jud takes care of the ranch Laurey and Aunt Eller live on. Jud does not fit in with the society he lives with, he is seen by most as an outsider and misunderstood. He has feelings for Laurey. He works hard to take care of Laurey and Aunt Eller on the ranch.


Ado Annie Carnes – Female, Soprano, (18-35)

Andrew Carnes’ daughter, she “Can’t Say No” to anyone. She wants everyone to be happy. Her heart is always in the right place, but she isn’t always the best judge of character. A comic, romantic lead, she is wooed by Ali Hakim, but deep down she feels a connection to Will parker.


Ali Hakim – Male, Character Vocals (18-40)

Traveling peddler who says he’s from Persia. Though we aren’t sure how much of what he says we can believe. Bit of a conman. He like Jud, is an outsider to this community but not feared by most. He likes pretty things and women. He pursues Ado Annie and Gertie Cummings.


Gertie Cummings – Female, Alto or Soprano, (18-35)

From the next town over, she has eyes on Curly and isn’t waiting around for Laurey to say no to him. She has a unique funny laugh.


Andrew Carnes – Male, Tenor, (40-60)

He is very protective of his daughter, Ado Annie. He doesn’t want Will Parker to marry her. He is a rancher, and doesn’t feel very kind to cowboys in general.


Dance Curly – Male, Dancer

He must be able to dance a ballet and should resemble Curly in Laurey’s dream ballet. May be doubled as another character or in the ensemble.


Dance Laurey – Female, Dancer

She must be able to dance a ballet and should resemble the actress playing Laurey. May be doubled as another character or in the ensemble.

* Please note that the Dance Curly and Dance  Laurey have the option to be played by the real Curly and Laurey if the persons cast have dance ability.


Featured Roles

Ike Skidmore, M, Baritone, Farmer, (30’s-60) Owns the ranch where the Box Social takes place.

Cord Elam – M, The Sheriff, Tenor/Bari/Base, (18 -60) Cowboy

Fred – M, Baritone, Farmer (18 – 60)

Slim – M, Dancer, Farmer (18+)

Jess – M, Tenor/Bari/Base,

Chalmers – M, Tenor/Bari/Base,

Mike – M Tenor/Bari/Base,

Joe – M, Tenor/Bari/Base,

Sam – M Tenor/Bari/Base,

Junior – Young boy acting role (10-15)


Featured Singers 

Ellen – F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Kat –  F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Sylvie – F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Arminy – F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Aggie – F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano


Ensemble & Dancers

6 Children M & F (Minumum age 10yr)

Male and Female ensemble

Male Tap (Tap Dogs style) and ballet dancers

Female Tap and Ballet dancers

The show covers several genres of dance


Any queries please contact MDMS on